Monthly Archives: October 2009

Oct. 24 Met simulcast: Aïda

Oct. 24 Met simulcast: Ancient Egypt conquers Ethiopia, modern cameras defeat singers in ‘Aïda’

Principals sing beautifully but acting crumbles under the scrutiny of close-up camera angles

By David Abrams

The Ethiopians weren’t the only ones to go down during the October 24 Metropolitan Opera HD Live Simulcast of Aïda Saturday – a few actors joined the carnage as well…

October 23 NYS Baroque

Elizabethan-era program of English music proves ‘fit for a queen’

Soprano Laura Heimes and viol consort deliver delightful mix of airs and dances from the court of Elizabeth I

By David Abrams

If one could travel through time, 16th-century England would be a splendid destination – provided of course you didn’t land in the Tower of London, or find yourself married to Henry VIII…

October 10 MET Opera: Tosca

‘Tosca’ up-close and personal: HD Simulcast yields greater vision, insight into controversial production

By David Abrams

It may be too early to argue the relative merits of experiencing opera live in the theater and watching it live via high-definition simulcast broadcast, but one thing’s for certain: The more you see, the greater your vision…

October 3 Emerson Quartet

Shostakovich awakens ‘Emerson Quartet’ during SFCM performance

Celebrated ensemble appears largely uninspired until final work on program

By David Abrams

It’s unlikely that anyone would have mistaken the angst-ridden Dmitri Shostakovich, even on one of the composer’s better days, for Prince Charming…