Monthly Archives: July 2012

July 15 Glimmerglass: Aida

Glimmerglass’s provocative ‘Aida’ combines great singing, shocking images

No room for elephants or camels on Zambello’s daring geopolitical stage

By David Rubin

Francesca Zambello, the artistic and general director of the Glimmerglass Festival outside Cooperstown, New York, plants her artistic stake in the ground early in her provocative…

July 14 Glimmerglass: The Music Man

Glimmerglass hits all the right notes in ‘The Music Man’

Singing, dancing and comedic acting all gel nicely in this rare acoustical production of the famed Broadway musical

By David Abrams

Composer Meredith Willson was so worried his listeners might miss words during the briskly paced patter (“talk-song”) sections…

July 7 Chautauqua Opera: Lucia di Lammermoor

Chautauqua Opera’s ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ not for the faint of heart But soprano Rachelle Durkin transcends the carnage to forge an unforgettable Lucia By Leah Harrison Contributing writer Considering the widespread use of campy horror and gore occupying today’s mainstream entertainment, the sight of a blood-spattered Rachelle Durkin shuffling around the stage brandishing a knife…