Monthly Archives: March 2013

Mar. 28 Redhouse Theater: Noises Off

Redhouse production of ‘Noises Off’ and play-within-a-play ‘Nothing On,’ is ‘right on’

This perfectly synchronized rendition of the delightfully absurd British farce will have you doubled over in hysterics — and reaching for a can of sardines

By Laurel Saiz

When you hear that a play is a farce, you might think it is going to be slight, shallow and silly…

Mar. 25 Famous Artists Broadway: The Addams Family

‘The Addams Family’ musical, like the 1960s B&W television series, a colorless experience

Thanks to the standout performance of Jennifer Fogarty, only one foot of this production is in the grave

By Laurel Saiz

When Baby Boomers see The Addams Family, the new musical comedy playing at the Civic Center through tomorrow evening, they will be reminded of the popular black-and-white TV series that originally aired from 1964 to 1966…

Mar. 16 Met simulcast: Francesca da Rimini

The Met’s ‘Francesca da Rimini’ visually appealing, dramatically appalling

Sets and costumes are gorgeous and the singing is good, but the libretto’s slow and continuously interrupted dramatic action grows tiresome

By David Rubin

Ricardo Zandonai’s 1914 opera Francesca da Rimini is a one-act potboiler buried in a four-act sarcophagus…

Mar. 2 Met simulcast: Parsifal

Blood and guts: The Met’s ‘Parsifal’ a vocal and instrumental triumph

François Girard’s symbolist rendition of Wagner’s morality play offers ample room for interpretation, but little insight into the composer’s mystifying libretto

By David Abrams

François Girard’s daring new Metropolitan Opera production of Parsifal…