Monthly Archives: April 2015

April 25 SU Drama: Avenue Q

Beyond the sleaze there’s lots to please in SU Drama’s ‘Avenue Q’

Let’s just say these puppets have been around the block a few times…

By Michael O’Connor

The greatest enjoyment from watching Avenue Q comes from its manner of presentation. Many of the characters in the show are puppets that look as if they walked off the set of Sesame Street. Yet while there’s a certain sophomoric joy in watching these puppets discuss adult subject matters like sexuality, pornography, and drunkenness…

April 18 CNY Playhouse: Glengarry Glen Ross

CNY Playhouse closes the deal in ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’

A fine ensemble of actors all but ooze oil in David Mamet’s look at the unctuous business of the hard sell

By Barbara Haas

The Central New York Playhouse isn’t afraid to tackle the important American plays. Last spring the company staged a fine Death of a Salesman, directed by Kasey Marie McHale. Now they’ve put on an equally creditable production of David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross, again under McHale’s direction…

April 10 Covey Theatre: God of Carnage

‘God of Carnage’ a play for those unafraid of Virginia Woolf

Souls bare and tempers flare in this engaging Covey Theatre Company production

By David Abrams

Serious question: Is God of Carnage a play or a reality show? It’s difficult to tell, since the abstract dialogue leaves few clues as to the substance of the human interactions among the play’s four characters. But whatever logic may lurk between the lines in her script, French playwright Yasmina Reza deserves credit for finding the key to drawing crowds in America: staging couples that trade invectives and rip each other apart in the presence of total strangers. Just ask Jerry Springer…

Apr. 10 Syracuse Stage: Other Desert Cities

Syracuse Stage’s ‘Other Desert Cities’ unfolds at a furious pace

Better not sneeze during this Timothy Bond production ― you may miss something important

By Barbara Haas

At last, a play about a family that is not dysfunctional. Syracuse Stage is closing its current season with a rarity among dramas: a play about family members who really do care about each another. Not that the five members of the Wyeth household in Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities don’t have their differences. Truth is, they couldn’t be more unlike one another…

Mar. 25 Max Richter: The Leftovers and Infra

Max Richter: The Leftovers and Infra (photo: Geraldine Petrovic)

Max Richter and ACME light up Greenwich Village’s Le Poisson Rouge

The classical/alternative popular music composer teams with with the American Contemporary Music Ensemble in a thrilling program

By Natalie Piontek
Goldring Arts Journalism program, Syracuse University

Contemporary composer Max Richter and the American Contemporary Music Ensemble gave a mesmerizing, deeply moving performance of Richter’s music at the intimate venue of Le Poisson Rouge last Wednesday…