David Rubin

July 10 Glimmerglass: The Tender Land

Copland’s ‘The Tender Land’ lacks inspiration, dramatic tension ― and most everything else

Glimmerglass Opera’s Young Artists perform well, but the infectious melodic and rhythmic zest of Copland’s ballets come up missing in this opera

By David Rubin

Glimmerglass Opera employed all the elements required…

July 11 Glimmerglass: Tosca

Lise Lindstrom, strong supporting cast forge noteworthy ‘Tosca’ at Glimmerglass

Former GO Director Michael MacLeod leaves behind a fitting legacy with this memorable production of the Puccini favorite

By David Rubin

Glimmerglass Opera hit on a winning formula last season…

May 1 Met simulcast: Armida

Met’s ‘Armida:’ Several stratospheric tenors, one down-to-earth soprano

Peter Gelb serves up an obscure Rossini cocktail to showcase Renée Fleming, but winds up leaving his customers thirsty for something better

By David Rubin

Three operas kept diverting my attention as I watched the matinee performance of Rossini’s Armida…

August 27 Skaneateles Festival

August 27 Skaneateles Festival: Torke’s ‘Corner in Manhattan’ prime property in I Love New York program

Jupiter Quartet draws shouts of approval in Torke and Dvorak works celebrating N.Y.

By David Rubin

American composer Michael Torke (born in 1961) has an identifiable sound that makes his music instantly recognizable and, to this listener, immensely appealing…

July 25 Glimmerglass: The Consul

Glimmerglass cast thrilling, drama chilling in ‘The Consul’

Ideal cast in Menotti opera produces rewarding version of original Broadway play

By David Rubin

Gian Carlo Menotti’s chilling portrayal of the authoritarian state is as timely today as it was when it premiered on Broadway in 1950…