Laurel Saiz

Oct. 22 Famous Artists Broadway: The Book of Mormon

‘The Book of Mormon,’ winner of nine Tony Awards, embodies the soul of American musical theater

What can one say about the show’s long-overdue arrival in Syracuse, except… Hallelujah!

By Laurel Saiz

The Book of Mormon is a hysterically irreverent and an ultimately sweet exultation of the human spirit. Sweet? Exultation of the human spirit?…

September 6 CNY Playhouse: Spamalot

Spamalot CNY Playhouse

CNY Playhouse’s ‘Spamalot’ draws laughter galore — and every Monty Python fan in town

The area’s newest theater troupe mounts the first local production of this whacky Broadway megahit, and gets it (mostly) right

By Laurel Saiz

Judging from the reaction of the near-capacity crowd at Friday’s opening night performance…

August 29 Redhouse Theater: Songs for a New World

Redhouse’s ‘Songs for a New World’ a high-calibre musical revue

A talented troupe of singers and pit orchestra musicians forges a song-filled journey from a 15th century Spanish ship to a modern Fifth Avenue skyscraper

By Laurel Saiz

The Redhouse’s latest production, Songs for a New World, brings together a group of eight talented performing artists who explore…

August 17 CNY Playhouse: Unwrap Your Candy

Unwrap YOur Candy CNY Playhouse

CNY Playhouse pulls off ‘Unwrap Your Candy’— and without a crinkle

‘Wildwood Park’ proves the most engaging of the three one-act plays in this alternately dark and humorous production

By Laurel Saiz

The title Unwrap Your Candy, the set of one-act plays currently being offered by the Central New York Playhouse, is rather misleading…

June 7 Rarely Done Productions: Debbie Does Dallas, The Musical

XXX marks the spot: Rarely Done Productions mounts ‘Debbie’

Spoof of the notorious ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ porn flick maintains the film’s dialogue, replaces X-rated scenes with music

By Laurel Saiz

Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical, the current show by Rarely Done Productions, is goofy and cornball, All-American, and hilariously, uproariously raunchy — in a totally unsordid way…

May 23 CNY Playhouse: Hamlet Cha-Cha-Cha

CNY Playhouse’s ‘Hamlet Cha-Cha-Cha’ is simply ‘not to be’

The amateur cast in this cornball production is enthusiastically embraced by a claque of friends and well wishers, but seasoned theatergoers may find the play ‘much ado about nothing’

By Laurel Saiz

Hamlet Cha-Cha-Cha is neither a good comedy nor a good musical…

April 20 SU Drama: Violet

‘Violet’ a warm and tender road trip to the heart

But turning back the clock in this story-turned-musical from 1969 to 1964 creates dramatic incongruities too difficult to ignore

By Laurel Saiz

Syracuse University Drama Department’s current production of Violet, directed by Rodney Hudson, is adapted from the short story The Ugliest Pilgrim…

Mar. 28 Redhouse Theater: Noises Off

Redhouse production of ‘Noises Off’ and play-within-a-play ‘Nothing On,’ is ‘right on’

This perfectly synchronized rendition of the delightfully absurd British farce will have you doubled over in hysterics — and reaching for a can of sardines

By Laurel Saiz

When you hear that a play is a farce, you might think it is going to be slight, shallow and silly…