Malkiel Choseed

Mar. 28 SU Drama: Measure for Measure

By any yardstick, SU Drama’s ‘Measure for Measure’ stacks up well

Director Celia Madeoy takes the Bard’s 400-year-old play out of a purely academic context and makes it relevant

By Malkiel Choseed

It is almost considered a right of passage for drama students to stage a Shakespearian play. That they have chosen this particular play, Measure for Measure, to test and sharpen their skills brings about a whole other level of difficulty. The students and staff of SU Drama, however, have risen the to the challenge admirably, creating a visually stunning, fast paced and well-acted production…

Feb. 27 Syracuse Stage: Sizwe Banzi is Dead

Syracuse Stage’s ‘Sizwe Banzi is Dead’ keeps the message very much alive

This compelling character-driven drama set within the grip of Apartheid in 1972 South Africa resonates just as powerfully in 2015 America

By Malkiel Choseed

Syracuse Stage’s elegant production of Sizwe Banzi is Dead is a beautifully wrought and profoundly moving pieced of theater that captures the essence of the human drama — and drives home its message with humor and sensitivity…

Oct. 24 Syracuse Stage: The Piano Lesson

Syracuse Stage’s ‘The Piano Lesson’ plays its doleful tune with virtuosity

Timothy Bond’s beautifully crafted production of the August Wilson play is buoyed by an ensemble of first-rate actors

By Malkiel Choseed

Syracuse Stage’s new production of August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson is a beautifully wrought, wonderfully acted rendition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece. Every aspect of the dramatic experience comes together to near-perfection — from sets to costumes to lighting…

October 25 Syracuse Stage: Scorched

Syracuse Stage’s ‘Scorched’ an emotional journey through tragedy that will leave you feeling whole

In the process of self-discovery a pair of twins rip open old wounds to learn the truth about their mother — and ultimately, themselves

By Malkiel Choseed

Scorched is an intense and moving play that explores…