Landmark Theater

Jan 31 Famous Artists Broadway: Blue Man Group

‘Blue Man Group’ comes to Syracuse and paints the town blue

Offbeat props in this whacky techno-comedy include Twinkies, toilet paper and gobs of paint. Oh, and better bring ear-plugs and sunglasses

By Laurel Saiz

You can see, hear and feel Blue Man Group performing an expansive, neon bright and percussively loud show in its three-day run in Syracuse…

Oct. 12 Famous Artists Broadway: Jersey Boys

Fuggedaboutit: ‘Jersey Boys’ a nostalgic, jukebox musical that will take you back to the ’60s

The 2005 Tony Award winning Best Musical, featuring music of The Four Seasons, has enough foot-tapping tunes to give baby boomers restless leg syndrome

By Laurel Saiz

I often laugh at pharmaceutical ads on television touting Madison Avenue-named prescriptions for disorders most people do not even recognize as actual medical syndromes…