Metropolitan Opera

Nov. 9 Met simulcast: Tosca

The Met’s revival of Luc Bondy’s provocative ‘Tosca’ worth a second look 

The director’s controversial production of the beloved Puccini opera has not mellowed, but the audience may very well have

By David Abrams

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since Luc Bondy’s controversial production of Tosca, which many had reviled as blasphemy.

Mar. 16 Met simulcast: Francesca da Rimini

The Met’s ‘Francesca da Rimini’ visually appealing, dramatically appalling

Sets and costumes are gorgeous and the singing is good, but the libretto’s slow and continuously interrupted dramatic action grows tiresome

By David Rubin

Ricardo Zandonai’s 1914 opera Francesca da Rimini is a one-act potboiler buried in a four-act sarcophagus…

Mar. 2 Met simulcast: Parsifal

Blood and guts: The Met’s ‘Parsifal’ a vocal and instrumental triumph

François Girard’s symbolist rendition of Wagner’s morality play offers ample room for interpretation, but little insight into the composer’s mystifying libretto

By David Abrams

François Girard’s daring new Metropolitan Opera production of Parsifal…

Dec. 1 Met simulcast: La Clemenza di Tito

The Met’s ‘La Clemenza di Tito’ blends inspired singing with dazzling wind obbligatos

The live HD simulcast of Mozart’s final operatic effort, set in ancient Rome, reached friends, Romans and countrymen the world over

By David Abrams

The Roman Emperor Titus was by all accounts a forgiving man. At least when compared to the likes of Caligula, Nero and Commodus…

Nov. 10 Met simulcast: The Tempest

Thomas Adès’s ‘The Tempest’ takes the Met by storm

The British composer’s bold musical score and Robert Lepage’s magical visuals add an expressionist dimension to the Shakespeare play

By David Abrams

In a 1963 episode of the expressionist television series The Twilight Zone, a desperate screenwriter uses black magic to summon Shakespeare…