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CD review: The Complete Viola d’Amore Concertos

VIvaldi: The Complete Viola d'Amore Concertos CD cover

Rachel Barton Pine, Ars Antigua connect on Vivaldi’s viola d’amore concertos

The concert violinist, fascinated with this richly resonant instrument since her teen years, “sings” Vivaldi in a new voice

By David Abrams

When Rachel Barton Pine places her six-stringed 1774 Nicola Gagliano viola d’amore under her chin, 12 strings spring to life…

April 11 NYS Baroque

NYS Baroque adds voices, touch of drama in season-closer

Celebrated period-instrument ensemble joins forces with Laura Heimes and ensemble newcomer ‘Vocantur’ in program of ‘theatrical music’

By David Abrams

Theatrical music (opera, cantata, oratorio) has come a long way…

October 23 NYS Baroque

Elizabethan-era program of English music proves ‘fit for a queen’

Soprano Laura Heimes and viol consort deliver delightful mix of airs and dances from the court of Elizabeth I

By David Abrams

If one could travel through time, 16th-century England would be a splendid destination – provided of course you didn’t land in the Tower of London, or find yourself married to Henry VIII…