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Mar. 16 Met simulcast: Francesca da Rimini

The Met’s ‘Francesca da Rimini’ visually appealing, dramatically appalling

Sets and costumes are gorgeous and the singing is good, but the libretto’s slow and continuously interrupted dramatic action grows tiresome

By David Rubin

Ricardo Zandonai’s 1914 opera Francesca da Rimini is a one-act potboiler buried in a four-act sarcophagus…

Feb. 25 Met simulcast: Ernani

  The Met brews up a production of ‘Ernani’ that’s about 97-percent caffeine free But conductor Marco Armiliato’s lackluster rendition of Verdi’s passionate score suggests he could have used a double shot of espresso By David Rubin Perhaps the plot of Verdi’s fifth opera and early hit Ernani appealed to his audience in 1844.  But in 2012, this…

Jan. 8 Met simulcast: La Fanciulla del West

The Met saddles up ‘La Fanciulla del West’ and rides the happy trails –– bumps and all

Revival of Giancarlo del Monaco’s 1991 production of Puccini’s tale of love and forgiveness set during the California Gold Rush is visually appealing, but singing and acting are uneven

By David Abrams

Considering his well-documented fascination with American cowboy folklore…

Nov. 7 Met simulcast: Turandot

Spectacular sets, elaborate staging outshine singing in Met’s ‘Turandot’

HD Simulcast allows unparalleled view of Zeffirelli’s extravagant production, but can singers compete?

By David Abrams

In the end, it was neither love nor the flames of passion that defrosted the Ice Princess, Turandot – it was Franco Zeffirelli’s hot, opulent sets and glorious pageantry…