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April 14 Met simulcast: La Traviata

Courtesan light: A ‘Traviata’ without the glamour and glitz

The Met’s quasi-surreal production, which examines Violetta’s soul but casts aside her flamboyant lifestyle, dies long before the sickly heroine

By David Abrams

Willy Decker wasn’t the first man to try and gain a better perspective of the courtesan Violetta by examining what lay beneath the iconic red dress…

Nov. 7 Met simulcast: Turandot

Spectacular sets, elaborate staging outshine singing in Met’s ‘Turandot’

HD Simulcast allows unparalleled view of Zeffirelli’s extravagant production, but can singers compete?

By David Abrams

In the end, it was neither love nor the flames of passion that defrosted the Ice Princess, Turandot – it was Franco Zeffirelli’s hot, opulent sets and glorious pageantry…

Oct. 24 Met simulcast: Aïda

Oct. 24 Met simulcast: Ancient Egypt conquers Ethiopia, modern cameras defeat singers in ‘Aïda’

Principals sing beautifully but acting crumbles under the scrutiny of close-up camera angles

By David Abrams

The Ethiopians weren’t the only ones to go down during the October 24 Metropolitan Opera HD Live Simulcast of Aïda Saturday – a few actors joined the carnage as well…