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September 4 Skaneateles Festival

September 4 Skaneateles Festival: Final chamber program of SkanFest season validates mantra

Memorable performance of Lalo Trio brings festival back to basics — and its roots

By David Abrams

It seems only fitting that the final work on the final chamber music program of Skaneateles Festival’s 30-year Anniversary season proved a persuasive affirmation, and perhaps even a culmination, of the Festival’s mantra, “World class music by the lake…

August 28 Skaneateles Festival

August 28 Skaneateles Festival: Carter Pann Quartet captures spirit of CNY, hearts of crowd

Commissioned work, based upon poems about Central New York, likely to survive test of time

By David Abrams

Commissioned works, particularly those commemorating a special occasion, rarely enjoy a shelf life longer than that of a birthday or anniversary card…

August 20 Skaneateles Festival

August 20 Skaneateles Festival: Mendelssohn’s bicentennial birthday bash a smash

Listeners get to have their cake and eat it, too, at SkanFest ‘party’

By David Abrams

You only get to celebrate a 200th birthday once, and for Felix Mendelssohn the remarkable performance held in his honor at Thursday’s Skaneateles Festival concert was enough to make all his wishes – and those of the audience – come true…