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Apr. 10 Syracuse Stage: Other Desert Cities

Syracuse Stage’s ‘Other Desert Cities’ unfolds at a furious pace

Better not sneeze during this Timothy Bond production ― you may miss something important

By Barbara Haas

At last, a play about a family that is not dysfunctional. Syracuse Stage is closing its current season with a rarity among dramas: a play about family members who really do care about each another. Not that the five members of the Wyeth household in Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities don’t have their differences. Truth is, they couldn’t be more unlike one another…

Oct. 24 Syracuse Stage: The Piano Lesson

Syracuse Stage’s ‘The Piano Lesson’ plays its doleful tune with virtuosity

Timothy Bond’s beautifully crafted production of the August Wilson play is buoyed by an ensemble of first-rate actors

By Malkiel Choseed

Syracuse Stage’s new production of August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson is a beautifully wrought, wonderfully acted rendition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece. Every aspect of the dramatic experience comes together to near-perfection — from sets to costumes to lighting…

September 15 Syracuse Stage: Cry for Peace: Voices from the Congo

Syracuse Stage’s ‘Cry for Peace’ a declamatory chorus of horrific tales too easily ignored

No actors to be found here — just real people recounting real atrocities in a real world far from the comfort of our own

By Barbara Haas

Timothy Bond, artistic director of Syracuse Stage, has often expressed his belief in the community-building power of theater…