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Oct. 23 Syracuse Stage: The Underpants

From left: Mark David Watson, Daniel Passer, Michael Brian Dunn and Marianna McClellan in the Syracuse Stage producrtion of Steve Martin's "The Underpants" (photo: Michael Davis)

Syracuse Stage pulls off Steve Martin’s ‘Underpants’

The comedian’s rapid-fire witticisms leave the audience little time to breathe before the next joke

By Michael O’Connor

The word “underpants” may suggest many things. It can be the boring utilitarian item that one wears every day, the washing of which is a pedestrian part of every relationship (so much so that hanging stockings and panties in the bathroom following laundering is often used in film and TV as a code for the loss of romance that comes with familiarity)…

Mar. 9 Syracuse Stage: Red

‘Red’ examines complex colors of abstract painter Mark Rothko but sees little beyond black and white

Syracuse Stage mounts an intense, if uneven, portrait of the troubled artist in its production of the 2010 Tony Award-winning play

By David Feldman

John Logan’s Red was the most talked about British theatre import of 2010…